said NONE of our CLIENTS EVER!

We do get to hear about occasional horror stories regarding potentially costly changes made by some suppliers after a booking has been made, we however have always been entirely transparent and have gone one step further by providing a guarantee of service, so that you have total assurance from the very start. It's long, it's boring but you get the message and that's the important thing to us.....

From start to finish.... here's everything you need to know!


  • You get in touch either by completing our online CATERING ENQUIRY FORM (much better for us because it allows us to collate much more information) or by the many other methods shown on our Contact Us page.

  • We then send you a full quotation with ALL prices clearly shown!

  • Our quotation is our only contract, we will NEVER add any further terms or change prices!


  • When you decide to book us for your catering, we only commit to one booking each day (we could easily do two/three a day, but made a decision at the very start to put all of our effort into only one at a time!) this means that we can fully dedicate our time, effort and commitment to you alone!

  • We ask for a £350 deposit to secure your date, with nothing more to pay until two weeks before the day itself! You can of course, pay us monthly by standing order/DDM leading up to the day or clear the balance at any time you like up to two weeks before we are due to cater, but this is up to you! We won't otherwise ask you for the balance until two weeks before your day!

  • The deposit enables us to know that you are serious about booking! We work differently to some caterers in that we will only offer a tasting when a deposit is paid (but please read TASTING (Weddings) below). Once we receive your deposit we will amend our online calendar and show that we are fully booked for that date!

  • The deposit can be paid by BACS, credit/debit card or Paypal, entirely your choice! The balance payable two weeks prior to the day would be by BACS.

TASTING (Weddings only)

  • We will provide a tasting for up to six people enabling you to invite the parents and in-laws etc, but should you require catering for further family members/friends, then we will charge an additional £15 per person. 

  • We will only provide a tasting once a deposit is paid, however, if for any reason you decide after the tasting that our cuisine is perhaps not in keeping with what you would like on the day, then we will happily then refund your deposit once we have re-booked the date with another bride and groom, with no questions asked! It is not our aim to be unfair in asking for a deposit, it is merely to differentiate between serious couples looking to book a caterer and those that may try and get a years worth of home chefs!

  • Where we are travelling more than 70 miles from our base to you for a tasting then we will retain 50% of the deposit should you change your mind and once the date is re-booked with another bride and groom (but this only applies if we have  already told you this in our written quotation at the start!)

  • For your piece of mind, we have NEVER had to return a deposit in the last seven years of catering for weddings and parties, so this gives you some idea that over 70 wedding couples have been very happy!


  • Everything that we prepare for your day are created at your venue, barn, village hall, field, cliff, beach or wherever you are having your celebration. We also take delivery of nearly all of the ingredients that we will be using just the day before and some more perishable goods very early on the same day! With this in mind, we are happy to receive your final decision on menu choices any time up to a week before your special day! Now we also know that many like to let guests know the choices for the day, which is fine too. So you are free to decide on your choices and let us know whenever you like up until two weeks prior to the day!

  • If you decide much early on which choices you have made, you are still free to change your choices as many times as you like until two weeks before, we are flexible and know what it is like to have a sudden rethink!


  • If we haven't already visited the venue that we are catering at, then we always like to do a recce and see where we are going to be on the day. If you are a longer distance from us then the chances are we have already covered this at the tasting, but for others then we are happy to come and take a look at the setup and see what is expected of us. I will communicate with you if we feel it is necessary to see your nearby venue


If we haven't already established this beforehand, I will be asking the following a few months before your day:​


  • We will establish if it is possible to set up a day before, we always like to do this especially on long distance weddings, rather than leave everything to chance on the day!

  • We will provide cutlery, plates and serviettes, so arriving the day before is also handy should you wish to start preparing the tables the day before too!

We will then be asking you the following two weeks before your special day:


  • Any increase/decrease in guest numbers (we would refund or charge the per guest rate accordingly) so that we can prepare your final invoice and amend the price accordingly!​


  • We will arrive nice and early to prepare for the day ahead. For weddings this is usually around 6 hours before start of service and enables us to get everything ready. If we have setup the day before then we will aim to arrive around 4 hours prior to service, as we would have got much of our catering equipment ready. For parties we would look to arrive around 3 hours prior to time of service!

  • Our waiting staff will arrive at least one hour before they are needed, to also ensure they are fully familiar with the environment they are going to be working in! If we are serving the welcome drinks then they will arrive 90 minutes earlier. The time for our staff starts from when they arrive as they inevitably will prepare welcome drinks etc etc.

  • Our front of house will co-ordinate the staff, ensuring that minor issues.... speeches running over, delays due to photographs, delay between church and venue etc. etc. have no effect on our adjusted timings for service and that we adapt accordingly to any situation with ease and without fuss!

  • We do not rush to leave when we have finished, we feel that there is nothing worse than clearing away our equipment while guests are enjoying your special day, so we are very discreet and no-one will know when we are slowly retreating!

I am sure that I have not covered everything, so please feel free to ask any questions you like, it is your special day and as such, you need to know that we have got everything covered, so ask away!

Andy   &  Debbie

Andy & Debbie Todd