Any Occasion catering!

A party, an anniversary, a wake, a christening...

Don’t worry, Buen Apetito isn’t exclusive to weddings! We are a proud caterer of all events, be it a birthday, anniversary, christening or village fete!

If you’re organising an event and looking for sensible prices, with ingredients from fresh West Country produce, then look no further. We’ll cater from 20 to 400 guests!

For paella, we can be entirely self sufficient using our own water & gas, and even our own power without the use of a noisy generator. Once our pans (paellas) are ready and fired up, we can start cooking up our delicious paella.

It’s a very visual experience cooking paella, we often have people watching us throughout the process – though we’re sure sometimes it’s so they can be first inline when it’s ready!

For our exclusive menu created by our Head Chef, we would require an oven and hob, a fridge and work surface so that we can create your chosen courses from our '3 course' menu.

So just give us a garden or village hall and we’ll help create an atmosphere (and food!) they’ll never forget.

We would be delighted to cater for any number from 20 guests upwards!

Now make your delicious catering decision....